From the recording Love Can Break Through

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Little child can you hear me
I believe you are the one
Who can heal, who can change us
Who gives life to everyone

I'm waiting on love
I'm hoping for love
I'm counting on love to break through
In this miracle life, in our joy and strife
I know that your love can break through
Your love can break through

Little child in the stable
Stars and angels hail your birth
Hear the voice of the ages
Praying for your peace on earth (Chorus)

Love can break through
Love can break through
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Little child gift of mercy
Light and grace for all to see
In a friend or a stranger
Anyone who is in need (Chorus)

Words and Music by Larry Olson and Scott Jibben
©2006 Dakota Road Music/Scott Jibben.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.