1. Dream Chasers

From the recording Every Breath I Sing

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Dream Chasers
Hans Peterson/Greg Rockvam
©1997 Dakota Road Music

Skipping rocks and climbing trees
Down by the lake piling the leaves
Wondering why they’re changing and the nights are getting cold
Tomorrow it’s back on the playground
Playing chase ‘em and kiss ‘em
and merry-go-rounds
Little minds are learning
Wondering what to be when they grow old

We all start out young
Asking questions for fun
Mommy why is the sky blue
Daddy how’d you make me and you
Never taking “I don’t know” for an answer
Always thinking ‘bout the why
Cause we’re dream, dream chasers
on our way
Yes we’re dream, dream chasers
on our way now

Diplomas are given hats reach the sky
Too big for the swings and the slippery slide
Eight years gone by where did the time go
Well tomorrow the world is our playground
Old questions to ask new truths to be found
The old lake is dried up
But skipping rock doesn’t seem like so long ago
So with a kiss on the cheek step into the road (chorus)

Now that I am grown
I am learning from some of my own
who are asking