1. As You Go

From the recording Every Breath I Sing

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Hans Peterson ©2013 Dakota Road Music

Vs. 1
On just one hand I can count the times I saw my mother cry
Was it her Norwegian stoic way?
As I left for my first real job her arm surrounded me
But her tears were a surprise,
they seemed to say

Refrain A
As you go
And spread your wings flying free
I love you...near or far from me
May you know my heart holds you tenderly
My beloved child you will always be
As you go

Vs. 2
So I went, guitar in hand, to find what brought my heart alive
Live to the hilt, start a family, build a nest
When your memory failed, you came & turned our family into five
Now your grandsons tuck you in to rest

Refrain B
As you go
As you move less gracefully
The leaves will fall, but still we’re family
May you know
As your grandson Simon Lee
Says “Nana Ruth you are a gift to me”

Refrain C
As you go and cross the river finally free
I see you dancing...into mystery
May you know
I stand behind this guarantee
You are my mom and will always be
As you go