From the recording Every Breath I Sing

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For Heidi (As This Tree Lives)
©2014 Hans Peterson

Each year when daffodils
rise from the ground
I remember the season love came around
Easter morn, this woman, later my wife
Showed up in my world,
surprised me with life

Then right after my dad passed away
This passionate woman
with a whole lot to say
Opened up my eyes, opened up her heart
And I got caught in her branches,
that was the start

As this tree lives she grows up higher
Reaching for the sky her deep desire
Each year her branches spread out wider
And her roots…go deeper still

Now she’s a farmer and also farm wife
General contractor just once in this life
She walks with her boys to the maple trees
Tapping into their sweet energy (Refrain)

Come walk through the hazels to understand
This jam-maker, shepherdess, healer of land
Come smell the rain in a cleansing soak
See her final resting place under an oak (Refrain)